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 Construction anchors are typically used to secure objects to materials that are normally resistant to screws or nails, such as concrete.
» Anchors
Wedge Anchors
Commercial and Ultrawedge+ wedge anchors, zinc plated, galvanized, 304 and 316 stainless steel.
Drop-In Anchors
Drop-In anchors, zinc plated carbon steel and 304 stainless. Drop-In anchor setting tools.
Sleeve Anchors
Zinc plated alloy with hex nut, acorn nut or flat combo screw. 304 stainless with hex nut.
L-Shape Bent Anchor Bolts
Low carbon steel anchors in plain and galvanized finish. Bolt, nut, & washer combinations available.
Hammer Drive Anchors
Medium-duty anchors designed for a variety of fastening applications in concrete, block, and brick.
Toggle Wing Anchor Bolts
Toggle Wing anchors are two-part Hollow Wall anchors consisting of a machine bolt and a spring wing toggle.
Hollow Wall Anchors
Pre-Drill and Drive-In style hollow wall anchors, used to secure fixtures in drywall, plaster, and hollow block.
Lag Expansion Shield Anchors
For use with lag bolts, suitable for concrete, and mortar joints of block or brick walls.
Single Expansion Shield Anchors
The expansion cone is drawn into the anchor body as the bolt is tightened, the bolt may be removed or replaced.
Double Expansion Shield Anchors
Expansion cones at both ends of anchor ensure consistent and even expansion along the entire anchor.
Pin Drive Expansion Anchor
Used in lighter load applications to attach fixtures to solid concrete or certain types of CMUs.
Machine Screw Anchor
Anchor diameter is the size screw that fits in the anchor. Proper installation requires a setting tool, #6-32 screw thru 5/8"-11.
Wood Screw Anchors
Anchor (lead) is expanded by wood screw, can be used in solid masonry and concrete for light, shallow hold, #6 thru #16 screws.
Concrete Screws, TAPKING™ SD
Blue Climaseal® coated carbon steel, Hex Washer Head, Slotted and No slot, Flat Head Phillips. 3/16' and 1/4" diameters.
Concrete Bolts, TAPKING™ HD
Zinc Plated, Patented X3 thread design, 3/8" x 3" thru 3/4" x 10"
LOCTITE™ EA 7363 Anchor Bolt Grout
Epoxy adhesive paste for anchoring threaded rod and bolts. (Twin Tube)