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 Sleeve anchors are the most versatile masonry expansion anchor, and can be used in a variety of base materials including concrete, brick, and block.
» Sleeve Anchors
Sleeve Anchor w/ Hex Nut Z/Plate
Zinc plated alloy with Hex Nut, 5/16 thru 3/4" diameter sleeve anchors.
Sleeve Anchor w/ Acorn Nut Z/Plate
Zinc plated alloy with Acorn Nut, 1/4" diameter sleeve anchors.
Sleeve Anchors, Flat Head Z/Plate
Zinc plated alloy with Flat Combo Head, 1/4 and 3/8" diameter sleeve anchors.
Sleeve Anchor, Hex 304 Stainless
304 stainless steel with Hex Nut, 1/4 thru 5/8" diameter sleeve anchors.
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