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» Hardware
Grease Fittings & Accessories
Inch & METRIC Fittings, Gun Ends, Whips, Extensions & Adapters
Batteries, Duracell Procell, Assorted
Designed for Industrial and Professional use, charged higher than Duracell Coppertop. AAA, AA, C, D and 9 Volt.
Parts Bins, Drawers, Cabinets
Drawers, 4 to 24 compartments. Bins, 16 to 72 compartments. Drawer frames & frame stands, Bins bases for 8 & 12" bins.
Graded Chain, w/wo Hooks
5/16" thru 5/8", 20' thru 800' Lengths, 3150 thru 15800 Working Capacity, Transport Use
Clevis & Eye Hooks, Grab, Slip & Sling Hooks
Inch Sizes, Grade 43, 70 and 80
Wire Rope Clips
Hot Dipped Galvanized, 1/8" thru 3 1/2"
Stainless 304 Wire Rope Clips
Type 304 Stainless Steel, for use with stainless wire rope.
Stainless Type 304 Wire Rope, 1/4, 7 x 19
CALL, Special Order, 50' Minimum
Mak-A-Key™ Key Stock, Inch
Key Stock in inch Square and Rectangular profiles, 1/8" thru 1" in 1 ft. lengths.
Mak-A-Key™ Step Key Stock, Inch
Step Profile Key Stock, Inch Size
Clevis Hangers
For suspension of non-insulated, stationary pipe, adjustable, 1/2" to 8" pipe ID.
E-Clips, External Inch
Fits around a grooved shaft to hold parts onto the shaft, 1/16" thru 1 3/8".
Snap Rings, Inch and <span style=font-family: Arial; color: #D85906>METRIC</span>
Internal and External Snap Rings
Firewall Grommets, Inch
The rubber ring crates a buffer between metal and other components, like wiring, 1/8" thru 1 1/2" ID.
Nitrile O-Rings, Inch Fractional
Nitrile O-Rings, known as Buna or NBR o-rings, resistant to petroleum products, available in Inch sizes, 1/4 thru 4" OD.
Spherical Rod Ends, Inch, Male & Female
Spherical Rod Ends, Inch, Male & Female, w/wo Studs, Alloy Steel
Shaft Collars & Couplings
INCH & METRIC, Solid & Split Shaft Collars & Couplings in Steel Alloy, Stainless & Nylon, 3/32" thru 6" ID.
Blind Rivets, POP Rivets
Dome head, large flange, closed end, countersunk & multi-grip blind rivets in aluminum, steel, and stainless.
Hose Clamps
Stainless, Stainless Lined, T-Bolt and T-Bolt Spring Loaded, Oetiker and Mini thru 8 7/8" diameter.
Padded Wire Loom Clamps
Multi-Use Padded Clamp, 1/4" thru 1 3/4"
S-Hooks, Steel
Used for general hanging applications, strength depends on hook size.