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» Chemicals, Solvents, Lubricants
Brake and Parts Cleaner
Compass Chemicals, Non-Chlorinated, 13 oz
Starting Fluid
Pyroil, 11 oz
Aerokroil™, Kano Labs
10 oz, BEST rated by our customers.
PB Blaster™ Penetrant
Penetrating Catalyst, 11 oz
WD-40™ Multi-Use w/ Smart Straw
8 & 12 oz Aerosol w/ Smart Straw
Armor All™ Original Protectant
#360892, 28 oz Trigger Spray
Assorted Spray Paints
Assorted Finishes by Rust-Oleum, ColorWorks, & Krylon
Kendall™ L-427 Hi-Temp Grease
14 oz Super Blu NLGI #2
Penray™ Inner Slide Lube
#7005, 10.5 oz Prevents Metal to Metal Contact
Penray™ White Lithium Grease
#4816, 11 oz Aerosol
Anti-Seize Technology™ Nickle Plate
#35018, High Temperature Lubricant
Anti-Seize Technology™ Cop-Graf™
#11002, 2 oz Lubricating Compound
Anti-Seize Technology™ Battery Cleaner
#17210 w/ Indicator, 18 oz Aerosol
CRC™ Thread Cutting Lubricant
#14050, 12 oz Aerosol
Anti-Seize Technology™ Air Tool Oil
#53700, Pint, Oil & Conditioner
Penetrating Gel Lubricant w/ PTFE
#6502, 12 oz Aerosol, w/ PTFE (Teflon)
Fluidine™ SP10 Penetrating Oil
#68437, 12 oz Aerosol, MRP Certified
Fluidine™ Air Tool Oil
#68439, 8 oz Ez-Pour, MRP Certified
Fluidine™ Drill Bit & Nozzle Gel
#68438, Extends the life of drill bits and nozzles.
Fluidine™ CPL 30, 8 oz
#68420-8, For Drilling, Cutting, Threading & Tapping, 8 oz EZ-Pour.
Fluidine™ CPL30, 12 oz Spray
#68420-12, For Drilling, Cutting, Threading & Tapping, 12 oz Spray.
De-Icer, Windows & Locks
#39101, 10 oz Aerosol