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COVID-19 UPDATE: At Boltmax we take our responsibilty to our employees, the community we live in, and the businesses we serve seriously.  As a "Critical Infrastructure Supplier" Boltmax will remain open and ready to serve. To limit interaction with staff, orders may be initiated by phone or online.

Boltmax.com is currently being updated. Should you encounter order processing or payment issues, please call staff at 843-669-8225.

Hand Sanitizer, 1 Gallon GEL
Germ Attack GEL, 70% alcohol with Aloe Vera. Made In USA with plant-based ethanol, mild lavender scent. CALL
Hand Sanitizer, 16.9 oz.
Hand Sanitizer Gel, 9.9 oz. pump dispenser, 75% alcohol.
N95 & KN95 Face Mask
FDA Certified N95 and KN95 face mask, limited supply, 2 & 10 Pkg. CALL
Disposable Mask, 10 & 50 Pkg.
For general infection control practices. 3-Ply Material, 10 or 50 Pkg.
Abrasives, Cut, Grind & Finish
Cutting & grinding wheels, flap disc, wire brushes & wheels, cloth rolls & belts, sanding & finishing products.
Adhesives, Sealants & Tapes
Thread Lockers, Gasket Makers, Pipe Joint Sealants, Glues and Tapes
Wedge, drop-in & sleeve anchors. L-anchors & concrete screws. Hollow wall & screw expansion anchors.
Graded bolts, nuts & washers in bins or drawers. Brass fittings, drills, O-rings & clamp assortments.
Special purpose, carriage, elevator, plow, lag, flange, eye & square head bolts. Step, timber & u-bolts.
Brass, Composite & Iron Pipe Fittings
For fluid & air applications, DOT Approved brass & composite fittings.
Chemicals, Solvents, Lubricants
Industrial Solvents, Cleaners, Lubricants and Penetrants.
Drills, Taps, Dies & Cutting Tools
Drills, taps, dies, hole saws & angular cutters. Reamers, step drills, screw extractors & countersinks.
Automotive shop electrical supplies, connectors, wire, fuses, terminals, bulbs, tape & shop extension cords.
Grease fittings, clamps, chain, hooks, shakles & hangers. Key stock, thread inserts, e-clips & snap rings.
Hex Head Cap Screws / Bolts
Graded hex head cap screws in US & Metric sizes, plain, plated, galvanized and stainless steel. Full thread TAP bolts.
Hose, Tubing & Accessories
Shop air hose, connectors & tools, DOT nylon tubing, air brake hose, glad hand sets & accessories.
Hydraulic Fittings
Hydraulic connectors & adapters, JIC 37, SAE 45. Hydraulic couplers, dry break & quick disconnect.
Nuts, Inch and Metric
Graded nuts in US & Metric sizes, machine, jam, lock, castle, coupling, acme, wing, & stainless steel nuts.
Dowel, roll spring, cotter, & hair pins. Clevis, lynch & hitch pins. Stainless steel, US & Metric sizes.
Protective Wear
Nitrile & work gloves, safety glasses, ear plugs, aprons, mask, hair, beard & shoe covers. Sorbent spill mats.
Blind Rivets, POP Rivets
Dome head, large flange, closed end, countersunk & multi-grip blind rivets in aluminum, steel, and stainless.
Machine, self-drilling, self-tapping, thread cutting, lag, square head & set screws. US, Metric, alloy & stainless.
Shop Supplies & Cleaning
Products to keep shop clean & safe, oil dry, absorbent drum & floor spill pads, shop towels, rags, cleaning detergents.
Socket Head Products
Graded socket screws, standard, flat, button & low head. Shoulder & set screws, US, Metric, alloy & stainless.
Storage Bins, Drawers
Drawers, 4 to 24 compartments. Bins, 16 to 72 compartments. Drawer frames & frame stands, Bins bases for 8 & 12" bins.
Structural Fasteners
Structural grade Bolts, Nuts & Washers. A325 & A490 in plain & galvanized.
Threaded Rod & Studs
Grades A307, A193 B7, F1554, plain, plated & galvanized, 593 stainless, US & Metric rod. B7 inch studs.
E-Z Lok & E-Z Coil Thread Repair
Thread repair products, E-Z Lok thread inserts, E-Z Coil helicoils and tools. Inch and metric, alloy and stainless.
Allen wrenches, rivet tools, circular, band & receprocating saw blades. Hex bits and nut setters.
Graded flat, fender & extra thick. Split lock, star, bevel, square & structural. US, Metric, alloy and stainless.
Welded Fasteners
Fasteners that require welding, Pad Eyes for welding to steel, and Studs for attaching steel to concrete.
Strut Channel & Accessories
Pre-Galvanized 10' Slotted Channel and compatible Unistrut™ accessories.
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