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» Protective Wear
N95 & KN95 Face Mask
FDA Certified N95 and KN95 face mask, limited supply, 2 & 10 Pkg. CALL
Disposable Mask, 10 & 50 Pkg.
For general infection control practices, 3-Ply Material, 10 or 50 Pkg.
Boltmax Approved Safety Eyewear
Safety eyewear by Brighton Best Proferred and Veratti, glasses and goggles.
Delta Torque Grip™ Orange Nitrile Gloves
Raised texture, 100 gloves per box.
Leather Work Gloves, Unlined
Soft glove leather, ideal for driving.
Black Nitrile w/Gray Liner Industrial Glove, w/Palm Dots
BBI Proferred™, Nitrile coated over gray glove with palm grip dots.
Polyurethane Coated Industrial Gloves
BBI Proferred™, Black 16 gauge nylon dipped in black polyurethane.
Bouffant Caps, Latex Free
Worn to ensure a clean and hygienic work area.
BBI Proferred™ Corded & Uncorded, Foam & Silicone