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» Nuts, Inch and Metric
Finished Hex Nuts, Alloy
Steel Alloy, standard thickness (Finished) hex nuts, INCH and METRIC sizes.
Finished Hex Nuts, Stainless
Stainless, standard thickness (Finished) hex nuts, INCH and METRIC sizes.
Machine Screw Nuts, INCH
Number and Fractional sizes, Alloy and Stainless Steel.
Nylon Lock Nuts, (Nyloc)
Hex nut with a Nylon Insert to prevent loosening, INCH and METRIC.
All Metal Lock Nuts
For a stronger hold than nylon lock nuts, INCH and METRIC sizes.
Flange Nuts
Washer-like base distributes weight over a greater surface area, INCH and METRIC.
Slotted Hex Nuts & Castle Nuts
Nut locks into position using a pin or split pin through the slots, INCH and METRIC.
Hex Jam Nuts
Run tight against a standard nut to prevent nut from backing off, INCH and METRIC.
Hex Coupling Nuts, Inch
Commonly used to connect threaded male fasteners, zinc plated, galvanized and stainless steel.
Heavy Hex Nuts, INCH
Heavy Hex Nuts are slightly larger and thicker than standard (Finished) hex nuts.
Grade 8 Hex High Nuts, Plain, INCH
3/8"-24 thru 1 1/4"-12, SAE (Fine) Thread
Structural Nuts
ASTM A563 and A194 nuts, Plain and Hot Dipped Galvanized, Domestic and Import.
Rivet Nuts, Inch and Metric
Internally threaded fasteners inserted into thin material not suitable for hole tapping, tool required.
Well Nuts, Rubber Expandable Rivet Nuts, Inch
#6-32 thru 1/2"-13 Thread Diameter
Tapped Barrel U-Nuts, Inch
Steel Alloy, Plain Finish, #10-24, 1/4"-20, 5/16"-18 and 3/8"-16.
Wing Nuts, INCH & <span style=font-family: Arial; color: #D85906>METRIC</span>
Inch and Metric Sizes, Zinc Plated Alloy and Stainless Steel
Square Nuts, Coarse Thread, Inch
1/4" thru 1 1/2 Thread Diameter, Plain, Plated, and Hot Dipped Galvanized.
<span style=font-family: Arial; color: #D85906>LEFT HAND</span> Hex Nuts, Inch Size
Zinc Plated Alloy and Stainless, 1/4" thru 1" thread diameter, USS (Coarse) and SAE (Fine).
Keps Nuts, Star-Lock Nuts, Inch
Pre-assembled with a free spinning external tooth lock washer, steel alloy and stainless, #4-40 thru 3/8".
Acorn Nuts, 2 Piece, Nickel Plated
#6-32 thru 5/8"-11 Thread Diameter
Steel T-Nuts (Tee Nut)
Used to fasten a wood or composite material, #6-32 thru 3/8"-16, 3 & 4 prong.
License Plate Nuts, GM
License plate nuts for GM vehicles.
<span style=font-family: Arial; color: #D85906>ACME</span> Nuts, Carbon & Stainless Steel
Acme Lead Screw Nuts, Carbon & Stainless Steel
Wheel Nuts & Studs, <span style=font-family: Arial; color: #D85906>INCH & METRIC</span>
For Heavy Commerical Vehicles & Equipment
Channel Nuts w/Spring
1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 TPI, for use with Strut Channel
Push Nuts, Inch
Simply applied push on fastener ideal for retaining components to shafts, tubes and studs.