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» Electrical
Batteries, Duracell ProCELL
Designed for Industrial and Professional use, charged higher than Duracell Coppertop, AAA, AA, C, D, & 9 volt.
Extension Cords
25, 50 & 100 Foot, Standard and ProLock™ Extension Cords
Wire, Automotive Electrical
Single Strand Primary, Heavy & Medium Duty Jacketed, Trailer & Battery Cable
Split Wire Loom, Black
For organizing and protecting wire, 1/4" thru 1", 100' rolls.
Cable Ties and Bases
Standard black nylon and colored ties, Cambridge™ Headstrong and Screw Mount ties and tie bases.
Wire Butt Connectors
Insulated & Non-Insulated, Straight & Step-Down, Nylon, Heat Shrink, & Crystal Clear connectors.
Wire Butt Connectors, Heavy Duty
8 AWG thru 4/0 AWG, Plated
Ring Terminals, Partial Insulated
#22-18, #16-14 and #12-10 AWG, #4 thru 1/2" Ring ID
Ring Terminals, Heat Shrink
#22-18, #16-14 and #12-10 AWG, #6 thru 1/2" Ring ID
Ring Terminals, Non-Insulated
#22-18 AWG thru #12-10 AWG, #4 thru 1/2" Ring ID
Wire Lugs
8 thru 4/0 AWG, For #10 Screw thru 1/2" Stud, Plated & Copped Lugs
Spade Terminals, Partial Insulated
Partial Insulated, Nylon
Spade Terminals, Heat Shrink
Insulated, Heat Shrink
Quick Slide Electrical Connectors, Insulated
Full and Partial Insulated Nylon, and Heat Shrink Connectors
Quick Slide Electrical Connectors, Insulated, <span style=font-family: Arial; color: #D85906>Heat Shrink</span>
Heat Shrink, Partial and Fully Insulated Connectors
Quick Slide Electrical Connectors, Non Insulated
Male & Female, #22-18, #16-14, and #12-10 AWG - .110 thru 1/4"
3 & 4 Way Splice Connectors
Nylon and Heat Shrink Partial Insulated Connectors, #22-18, #16-14 and #12-10 AWG
Bullet Terminals, Heat Shrink
Male & Female, #22-18 and #16-14 AWG
Weather Pack Connectors
Environmentally sealed electrical connectors, Delphi part numbers.
Wire Nuts & Nylon Pigtails
#22-16 thru 8 AWG standard wire nuts and closed end nylon crimp connectors, pigtails.
T-Tap Wire Connectors, Colored
Color Coded, #22-18 thru #12-10 AWG
Battery Protector Pads
Color-Coded, Red & Black
Brush-On Electrical Tape
Dynatex™ #49412, 4 oz. Brush-On Electrical Tape for weatherproof connections.