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» Abrasives, Cut, Grind & Finish
Pearl Cut-Off Wheels
For fast, clean cuts in steel, stainless and other ferrous metals. 4 to 7" diameter thin cut-off wheels, type T-1 and T-27.
Pearl Grinding Wheels
Depressed Center, Flexible, Cup Stones, and Bench grinding wheels.
Pearl Flap Discs
Both T-27 and T-29 flap discs, choice of size, flexibility and disc composition.
Pearl Flap Wheels
Aluminum Oxide, for cleaning, polishing, deburring and blending on a variety of materials.
Roloc Type Abrasives
2 and 3" Roloc type abrasives, for sanding, conditioning, and polishing. Roloc type disc holders.
Pearl Surface Preparation
Surface Prep for metal, stone, glass and plastic. 4 to 7" discs.
Pearl Turbo Cut, Concrete & Stone
Prep and Finish for Concrete and Stone. 4 1/2 to 7" discs.
Abrasive Scuff Pads
Non-woven multi-purpose abrasive pads, 6 x 9" Coarse, Medium and Fine scuff pads.
Sanding Discs
5 & 6" Self Adhesive finishing discs, 4 thru 9" sanding discs and backing pads.
Knot End Brushes
3/4 and 1" Tempered Wire and Stainless.
Crimped Wire Wheels
1/4 Shank, 1 through 3" wheel diameter.
Adhesive Remover Wheels
For the removal of pinstripes, adhesives, vinyl decals and graphics, Stripe-Off & M-Jump wheels.
VSM ZK713X Series Zirconia Sanding Belts
2" x 60" & 2 1/2" x 60", 60 Grit