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 Grades A307, A193 B7, F1554, plain, plated, galvanized, & stainless, US & Metric. B7 inch studs.
 Rod over 6' for local pick-up only.
» Threaded Rod & Studs
All Threaded Rod, Inch
Inch Size A307, A193-B7, F1554 Grade 36 & F1554 Grade 105/B7, Plain, Plated & Galvanized. 304 & 316 Stainless.
All Threaded Rod, Metric
Metric Size threaded rod in 1 Meter Lengths, Zinc Plate, A2 Stainless and Grade B7 Plain.
B7 Threaded Studs, Inch
B7 Studs, End to End threaded B7 studs, plain finish, 1/2"-13 x 2" thru 2"-8 x 15 3/4"