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» Bolts
Hex Cap Screws, Hex Bolts
Grade 8, 5, 2 & L9 hex cap screws, US & Metric, plain, plated, galvanized and stainless steel.
Heavy Hex Bolts & Fasteners
Structural Grade Bolts, A325 and A490
Hex Flange Screws, INCH & METRIC
US Inch & Metric hex Flange screws, Grade 8 Inch Frame bolts.
Carriage Bolts
Grades 8, A307 & 5, zinc plated, galvanized & 18-8 stainless, square & ribbed shoulder carriage bolts.
Elevator Bolts
Grade 2, plain, zinc plated & 18-8 (304) stainless elevator bolts.
Eye Bolts
Bent & Forged eye bolts, plain, plated, galvanized & stainless steel. Shoulder, no shoulder, pad & eye nuts.
Hex Lag Bolts / Screws
Plain, zinc plated, hot dipped galvanized & stainless 304 & 316 lag bolts.
Plow Bolts
Grades 8 & 5 plow bolts in plain finish.
Square Head Bolts & Set Screws
A307 Grade A in plain & zinc plated square head bolts. Square head Set Screws in plain finish..
Step Bolts
A307 Grade A, zinc plated step bolts, full coarse thread.
Timber Bolts
A307 Grade A timber bolts, hot dipped galvanized, partial thread.
12 Pt Flange Head Bolt
Both coarse & fine thread in plain finish. 1/4" thru 1 1/2" diameter.
Round Bent U-Bolts
U-Bolt, Plate & Nut combo in galvanized & stainless. Custom order u-bolts.
Wheel Studs & Nuts, Metric
Clipped head metric wheel studs & nuts for commercial duty wheel assemblies.
Track Shoe Bolts & Nuts
Used to secure treads on crawler type off-road equipment, heat treated Grade E9.
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