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Boltmax is currently being updated. The minimum quantity purchase requirement will be reduced to 1 for most items. This will save our customers excess inventory cost. There are current site errors and we appreciate your patience as we resolve those issues. Call 843-669-8225 with suggestions or questions on item quantity or cost.

Hand Sanitizer, 1 Gallon GEL
Germ Attack GEL, 70% alcohol with Aloe Vera. Made In USA with plant-based ethanol, mild lavender scent. CALL
Hand Sanitizer, 16.9 oz.
Hand Sanitizer Gel, 9.9 oz. pump dispenser, 75% alcohol.
N95 & KN95 Face Mask
FDA Certified N95 and KN95 face mask, limited supply, 2 & 10 Pkg. CALL
Disposable Mask, 10 & 50 Pkg.
For general infection control practices. 3-Ply Material, 10 or 50 Pkg.
Abrasives, Cut, Grind & Finish
Cutting & grinding wheels, flap disc, wire brushes & wheels, cloth rolls & belts, sanding & finishing products.
Adhesives, Sealants & Tapes
Thread Lockers, Gasket Makers, Pipe Joint Sealants, Glues and Tapes
Wedge, drop-in & sleeve anchors. L-anchors & concrete screws. Hollow wall & screw expansion anchors.
Graded bolts, nuts & washers in bins or drawers. Brass fittings, drills, O-rings & clamp assortments.
Special purpose, carriage, elevator, plow, lag, flange, eye & square head bolts. Step, timber & u-bolts.
Brass, Composite & Iron Pipe Fittings
For fluid & air applications, DOT Approved brass & composite fittings.
Chemicals, Solvents, Lubricants
Industrial Solvents, Cleaners, Lubricants and Penetrants.
Drills, Taps, Dies & Cutting Tools
Drills, taps, dies, hole saws & angular cutters. Reamers, step drills, screw extractors & countersinks.
Automotive shop electrical supplies, connectors, wire, fuses, terminals, bulbs, tape & shop extension cords.
Grease fittings, clamps, chain, hooks, shakles & hangers. Key stock, thread inserts, e-clips & snap rings.
Hex Head Cap Screws / Bolts
Graded hex head cap screws in US & Metric sizes, plain, plated, galvanized and stainless steel. Full thread TAP bolts.
Hose, Tubing & Accessories
Shop air hose, connectors & tools, DOT nylon tubing, air brake hose, glad hand sets & accessories.
Hydraulic Fittings
Hydraulic connectors & adapters, JIC 37, SAE 45. Hydraulic couplers, dry break & quick disconnect.
Nuts, Inch and Metric
Graded nuts in US & Metric sizes, machine, jam, lock, castle, coupling, acme, wing, & stainless steel nuts.
Dowel, roll spring, cotter, & hair pins. Clevis, lynch & hitch pins. Stainless steel, US & Metric sizes.
Protective Wear
Nitrile & work gloves, safety glasses, ear plugs, aprons, mask, hair, beard & shoe covers. Sorbent spill mats.
Blind Rivets, POP Rivets
Dome head, large flange, closed end, countersunk & multi-grip blind rivets in aluminum, steel, and stainless.
Machine, self-drilling, self-tapping, thread cutting, lag, square head & set screws. US, Metric, alloy & stainless.
Shop Supplies & Cleaning
Products to keep shop clean & safe, oil dry, absorbent drum & floor spill pads, shop towels, rags, cleaning detergents.
Socket Head Products
Graded socket screws, standard, flat, button & low head. Shoulder & set screws, US, Metric, alloy & stainless.
Storage Bins, Drawers
Drawers, 4 to 24 compartments. Bins, 16 to 72 compartments. Drawer frames & frame stands, Bins bases for 8 & 12" bins.
Structural Fasteners
Structural grade Bolts, Nuts & Washers. A325 & A490 in plain & galvanized.
Threaded Rod & Studs
A307, A193 B7, F1554, plain, plated, HDG, & stainless, US & Metric. B7 inch studs. Rod over 6' for local pick-up only.
E-Z Lok & E-Z Coil Thread Repair
Thread repair products, E-Z Lok thread inserts, E-Z Coil helicoils and tools. Inch and metric, alloy and stainless.
Allen wrenches, rivet tools, circular, band & receprocating saw blades. Hex bits and nut setters.
Washers / Shims
Washers & Shims, flat, fender, thick, split lock, star, bevel, square & structural. US, Metric, alloy and stainless.
Welded Fasteners
Fasteners that require welding, Pad Eyes for welding to steel, and Studs for attaching steel to concrete.
Strut Channel & Accessories
10' Slotted Channel, Channel Nuts w/Spring, Beam Clamps, Unistrutâ„¢ compatible.
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