Version PHP v6.7.1 Ecommerce Templates PHP Updater

Please note that clicking the button below will update your database to the current version. However it will not copy the updated scripts to your web. This must be done separately as detailed in the instructions.

Please make sure you have backed up your site and database before proceeding.

After performing the upgrade, please delete this file from your web.

The Ecommerce Templates cart checkout is now fully CSS based. If you have not already included the CSS file necessary for formatting it will be very difficult for your customers to navigate the checkout section and other parts of your site. More details are available here...

IMPORTANT NOTE: The ECT Cart CSS File changes between versions to take account of the new classes for any new features. When updating, you should also update the css file included in this updater in the /css directory.

Please check here to indicate you have added this CSS file to your site.

Please click below to start your upgrade.